Northwood Foods provides custom pork boning services along with direct pork product sales.

Specialty Cuts:

  • 1/8” Semi Boneless

  • Skinless Shankless Defatted

  • 1/8” Fat Covered Outside

  • Inside cap off

Commodity Products:

  • Inside (Blue or Red)

  • Outside (Blue or Red)

  • Knuckle (Blue or Red)

  • Lite Butt


  • 1/8” Inside Outside Rollout

  • Blue Shank Off Rollout

  • Other custom rollouts available upon request


  • Inner shank

  • Outer shank

  • Bone in shank (skinless and skin-on)

  • Hocks

  • Shank Tendons


  • Shank Bone

  • Femur Bone

  • Aitch Bone


  • 15% Trim / Pork Fat

  • 42% Trim

  • 72% Trim

  • 90% Trim


  • Ham Skin

We can provide other custom cuts upon request and availability.

(Please use the form below for all inquiries.)

1/8" Inside Outside Rollout
1/8" Semi Boneless
1/8" Semi Boneless
Skinless Shankless Defatted
Outside Blue Eye On
Outside Blue Eye On
Light Butts
Inside Cap Muscle
Inside Blue
Inner Shank
Ham Shank Tendon
Blue Shank Off Rollout
Ham Outer Shank
Bone-In Shank
Blue Knuckle
Shank Bones
Aitch Bone
Femur Bones
15% Pork Trim
72% Ham Trim
Ham Skin
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If you have a question about our services or need help contacting one of our sales team members, please fill out the form below so we can direct your inquiry to the right source.

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